[Digikam-users] Segmentation Fault at startup

Ralph DeWitt ralphdewitt at gmail.com
Sun Sep 1 13:02:11 BST 2013

Hi all:
I have just reformatted my hard drive, repartitioned the drive 
(increased / to 30 gb) and installed NetrunnerOS version 13.06. I then 
updated the system. Then updated KDE to version 4.11. Home directory 
data files were then restored. I did not restore .kde files. Upon first 
start and every start I get a segmentation fault. My newly created 
config file looks complete. My apps digikam folder is empty. The current 
installed version of Digikam 3.3.0. I am thinking the update process of 
the data base did not happen correctly.  It would be very painful and 
almost impossible to redo the tags in the database. I have no database 
knowledge. Can someone with knowledge look at the database and correct 
the problem? I just do not know what went wrong. Any help would be 

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