[Digikam-users] Time Date based rename

Jean-François Rabasse jf at e-artefact.eu
Mon Oct 28 18:19:35 GMT 2013

On Mon, 28 Oct 2013, Mick Sulley wrote:

> My main camera is a Canon EOS 550D, which does not have a setting for time
> zone or daylight saving.
> Now we are back on good old GMT I have tested again, and now the date is
> consistent in all fields and the file is renamed to the expected time and
> date.  So this means  that somehow DigiKam (or possibly my computer) decides
> that during BST the time on exif is GMT an renames the picture to an hour
> later to make it BST.  So if I always leave my camera set to GMT the
> pictures will show as the expected time when I import them into DigiKam.

Hi Mick,

Lucky guy, sitting on the Greenwich meridian :-)

Well, your trick may work but will still remain software dependent.
As you said in your former e-mail, you saw the problem with Digikam
but not with exiftool.
And if you leave your camera clock on UTC+0, even in summer, some
software (e.g. web albums managers) may stamp your images with a one
hour shift.

As I said, there's no perfect solution to this issue. It's too late,
except if in a future a major release of the Exif standard does take
the problem in account.

A common good solution (or less bad) is what Peter Albrecht said,
adjusting the camera time twice a year to reflect the common local
time. As for me that's what I do, even when I happen to travel;
I prefer have my camera always showing home time, and I sometime take
a shot of any wall clock upon arrival in an airport. Then issue
corrections later, once back home.

But anyone can build personal modus operandi.


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