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Marie-Noëlle Augendre mnaugendre at gmail.com
Thu Oct 24 11:18:27 BST 2013

2013/10/24 Remco Viëtor <remco.vietor at wanadoo.fr>

> Of course, answers to those questions might give him more useful answers.
> But for now, all I can do is answer the question he poses, and I don't want
> to assume why he wants to create such archives (and my crystal ball is not
> working properly at the moment ;) )
> Remco

I guess it's my former consultant's cap that comes back! ;-)
I hate to search a solution to a question that has already be 'oriented';
and when you take a couple of steps back, and see the whole problem, you
could find imagine something so more creative and simple...

> (One  use case could be adding images to an archive with file of other
> types to have a complete package with everything in one place, think e-
> books and such)

I create both photo-books and e-books on the same machine with Scribus and
Sigil respectively, so I've no need for an archive for that. I usually
begin to work with rather small thumbnails as dummies to do the layout; and
when I'm sure of the final size for each picture, I do a proper job of
resizing/converting to png/jpg or whatever.
But every step, it's only a matter to export from Digikam's collection to
files in the computer system files.


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