[Digikam-users] finding pictures with tags

Olaf Hering olaf at aepfle.de
Mon Oct 21 18:36:33 BST 2013

What is the best way to find pictures which match a certain set of

I have several albums named 'date wedding', 'date trip', 'date party',
etc.  Each has several pictures from these "events". On some pics are
people.  I went ahead and added tags (person1, person2, person3) to each
picture to simplifying the search for pictures with both

But somehow digikam 1.8 and 3.4 is unable to search that way. In the
search for tags I get a list of tags. So if I want to search for
pictures which have both tag 'person1' and 'person3', it shows all pics
which have either tag person1 or person3.

How can I mark the pictures in such a way that digikam shows only the
desired photos?


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