[Digikam-users] Wrong filter results

Wolfgang Mader Wolfgang_Mader at brain-frog.de
Sun Nov 24 21:58:18 GMT 2013

Hi list,

I still have issues with filtering out data types. As you can see on the 
screenshot, the left image is of type JPG while the right one if of type JPEG, 
mind the extra E. If I filter for jpeg files, only files of type JPG are shown. 
Moreover, as can be seen on the right panel of the screenshot, no dimension is 
known for the JPEG file. This is unique to digikam, since e.g. Gwenview or 
dophin know about dimensions. Where does Digikam takes the info for the file 
type from to show the overlay (here JPG or JPEG). The connection to the my file 
server is very slow. Can this be the reason for this problem?

Thank you in advance.
Best, Wolfgang
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