[Digikam-users] Select/unselect a bit too small

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Sun Nov 24 19:18:15 GMT 2013

Le 24/11/2013 20:10, Marie-Noëlle Augendre a écrit :
> It seems the 'sometimes' is related to the exact place I click: inside
> the case vs on the thumbnail, right on the +/- icon vs a little
> beside... Might be that Digikam requires an accuracy I'm not able to
> provide!

ctrl clic works in any place of the thumbnail.

I try not to have more than some hundred of photos in the same album, 
because it's pretty boring. If I have large thumbnails, I have a large 
amount of pages to watch and if the thumbnails are small I can't even 
see what is on them...

better make two or three albums



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