[Digikam-users] strange behaviour - cannot end digikam 3.4.0

Dr. Martin Senftleben drmartinus at drmartinus.de
Sun Nov 24 14:09:33 GMT 2013

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I observe lately some strange behaviour with digikam. I run Kubuntu
13.10 64-bit and try to keep it up-to-date. The behaviour of digikam I
observe already for a longer time, but today I stumbled over something
that might be of interest.

After having worked with a few images, digikam doesn't show any images
in the albums, even though they are there. After waiting several
minutes (or even hours), I shut down digikam. When I start it fresh,
it shows the images again.
Now I found out that the processes I had shut down are still residing
in memory. The number of threads is 4, but no visible activity. I shut
down digikam a second time, because it did the same thing again, and
then I had two digikam processes there (made visible with ksysguard).
I tried to shut them down from within ksysguard, no change. I tried to
kill them both from ksysguard and console (sudo kill), the processes
are still there, but no activity visible (ksysguard shows cpu-usage,
there's nothing to see). The two digikam processes I shut down have
about the same memory-consumption (19 MB and 43.4 MB shared memory).
The new process of digikam has more threads and more memory consumption.
I thought maybe there is some activity still going on, but I didn't
make it do anything. There were changes to individual images, which
were then saved, that was all. No batch process or anything else.

What else is maybe of interest: a process called kwin_killer_helper is
associated with digikam. But that may be there only because I shut it
down. It's related only to one of the two processes that are lying there.

Any ideas?

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