[Digikam-users] Hardware Advice Please

Roy Bellingan admin at seisho.us
Sun Nov 3 19:35:44 GMT 2013

Il 03/11/2013 20:04, Mick Sulley ha scritto:
> I am about to build a new desktop PC.  I think the most demanding task 
> will be DigiKam and I would welcome advice on components.
> I have decided to go with Intel i7 processor, not decided which model 
> yet.  The thing I am struggling with is the graphics card, they range 
> from very cheap to ridiculously expensive and I really have no idea  
> how the quality of the graphics card will affect the performance when 
> running DigiKam.  It will be running Debian.
Hy mick, i suggest to give a look at AMD stuff, both for VGA and CPU..
Check for cpu benchmark, and remember that some Digikam task are single 
threaded (i7 win), but some are multithreaded (AMD Fx Win)...
I suggest amd due to Intel monopoly, competition is better for all of us 
ecc ecc...

The VGA 2d capabilities of a 35€ card are enough for all your need, and 
as long as you use a DVI connector you don't have to worry about image 
quality, if you use a old VGA connector you need a higher grade vga card 
(due to the need of 

IF digikam will start to support OpenCl is another story, in this case 
the amd vga card wins hand down...
(and you will need a > 150€ card to take advantage of this)

*Roy Bellingan*
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