[Digikam-users] editing with Color Management enabled is very slow?

Remco Viƫtor remco.vietor at wanadoo.fr
Sun Mar 24 21:26:53 GMT 2013

On Sunday 24 March 2013 19:39:37 Marcel Wiesweg wrote:
> In my dreams, I assign a profile to a region on screen, and the window 
> knows the monitor profile, and handles the color conversion.
> The assumed default profile for "all" windows would be sRGB if I'm not 
> wrong.
> If digikam converts from the working color space to the monitor profile, 
> KDE thinks it is sRGB and converts again to the monitor profile, that 
would be 
> double correction, isnt it?

Don't mix up colour space and correction profile:
colour space defines how to code a given colour, for an ideal system
correction profile says how to correct that ideal colour so that it
looks correct on /your/ screen.

You don't assign a colour space to a monitor, and you don't assign a 
correction profile to an image...

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