[Digikam-users] Questions on how to install digiKam 3.1 cleanly under Kubuntu when running KDE 4.10?

Boudewijn wankelwankel at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 20 09:11:14 GMT 2013

On 19-3-2013 20:00, Rasmus K. Rendsvig wrote:
> I realize that I have to compile the version I have downloaded, but 
> this is where it gets a little tricky for me, as I have not done so 
> before. Basically, I would prefer to not load a lot of packages into 
> my nice, clean new system (the harddisk is small) by doing this wrong 
> or by doing stuff I don't have to. I must admit that I am a little 
> confused.
As Gilles writes: to compile DK you need the prerequisites for compiling 
software in general, which is (much) more than the specific packages 
(that need to be compiled) for DK as such.

Getting the latest DK to run is a good reason to dig into compiling and 
dependencies. On the other hand: it is a large and complex piece of 
software, that has many dependencies on (cutting edge) packages. Those 
packages are not available in their needed version in the repositories 
of your distro.

 > as suggested by the README and then that's it? It will be properly 
installed under Kubuntu and all I have
 > to do is to delete the tarball and then I'm done?
It is properly installed, and Kubuntu can use it just as any distro 
could. Your integrated package management will not take care of it any 
longer though.

Good luck and have fun :-)

Best regards,


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