[Digikam-users] Sort Album Tree by Album date (force/hack)?

Peter Mc Donough mcd-mail-lists at gmx.net
Sat Mar 16 20:11:54 GMT 2013

Am 16.03.2013 18:34, schrieb Marie-Noëlle Augendre:
> I just prefix my album names with year/month/seq.number and it does the
> trick without being too cumbersome.
> Marie-Noëlle

Very true!

"YYYYMMDD_name" is in my opinion the easiest way for keeping albums in 
their original sequence. Whether "DD" is necessary depends of course on 
the number of pictures you shoot per day.

My next step is batch-renaming the photos according to their creation 
date and time. If you the camera is kept "up to time" this information 
will be stored correctly in the EXIF part of each photo.

Example with two photos per second (24 hour clock).


The "00" is useful if your camera can shoot more than one picture per 
second, and if it can, believe me, you will, occasionally.

check "bracketing"

With Linux and KDE you could use KRename for that renaming job. There 
should be tools for other operating systems, too.


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