[Digikam-users] Raw import tool doesn't open no more

Michael Eschweiler michael.eschweiler at web.de
Sun Jun 30 11:00:10 BST 2013


I'm using digikam 3.2.0 on kde 4.10.3 "release 1" (opensuse 12.3). After the 
last update (I suppose, because before it worked) doing F4 in order to open a 
raw-file in the photo editor the raw import tool doesn't open no more. (The 
photo is opened directly in the editor). 
I looked in the configuration menu and I found that at the section 'raw 
decoding' the option "open raw import tool, in order to manually adjust .." 
(something like this - I use the German localisation) is (still) selected. 
What can I do in order to get the raw import tool opened.

Thanks in advance!

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