[Digikam-users] New Tool: Tags Manager

Elle Stone l.elle.stone at gmail.com
Tue Jun 25 21:33:13 BST 2013

Hmm, a couple of times now Veaceslav has asked for input regarding the
tagging user interface, and we all keep responding with comments about
the problem of database and image/xmp-sidecar synchronization.

So in response to the question of user interface:

I like the existing user interface as regards creating new tags and
adding tags to images.

 "- Expand Tag Tree -  All tag tree’s children will become visible
instead of expanding all parent nodes. This option is a must for a big
tag tree, because clicking each parent can be frustrating,"

Assuming I understand what you are saying, although having the option
of expanding all subtags with one click would be a nice touch, some of
my tag trees are deep enough that having everything expand by default
(no option to disable) would then require scrolling down to get to the
desired tag.

There is a user interface option that I would really like (although
perhaps it's already an option and I just don't know how to do it).
When I'm tagging images, often I also want to add a comment. But the
comment pane and new tag pane are tabbed, so only one at a time shows.
I would like to be able to put the user comment pane above the tag
pane, so both show at the same time, instead of having to click the
Description and Tags tabs to switch back and forth.

The only time I get very frustrated with the interface is when I want
to do a search that involves "this tag and not that tag". The search
(right panel) and filter (left panel) interfaces are both a bit
frustrating (I've never really figured out how to use the search
interface), and slooowww when trying to invert using the filter (which
never works anyway, so I've given up).


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