[Digikam-users] How to keep digiKam from deleting image files

Christoph Siedentop christoph at siedentop.name
Mon Jun 24 19:14:40 BST 2013

I do not know what the developers will do, but I don't have this problem.
If I press the delete key the images are moved to trash and only if I press
alt+delete will they be deleted.

On Friday, June 21, 2013, Elle Stone wrote:

> On 6/20/13, Christoph Siedentop <christoph at siedentop.name <javascript:;>>
> wrote:
> > is this running on Linux or Windows? Also what version of digikam are you
> > using?
> >
> I'm using digiKam 3.2 running under Gentoo Linux.
> > This is of course not what should happen. But normally the operating
> system
> > protects files from being deleted.
> >
> Alas it turns out to not be true that under Linux making a file
> "read-only" automatically protects the file from being deleted.
> "Read-only" only protects the file from being modified. If you own the
> folder the image is in, you can delete it. Try for yourself!
> Apparently under Windows you can make a file "read-only +
> do-not-delete", but not under Linux, because of the way Linux file
> permissions work.
> There is a workaround for this unfortunate situation, involving
> creating a new user, transferring ownership of the to-be-protected
> image files to the new user, and setting a "sticky bit" on all the
> folders that contain the files to be protected. This protects the
> image files from everyone (except the new user, and you need to "sudo
> su" to become the new user). So the regular user doesn't have to worry
> about accidentally deleting image files. If anyone is interested, I
> can post the relevant commands.
> It seems to me that having the option to delete images rather than
> merely send them to the trash is quite dangerous, nice to have for
> those who want it, but it should be something that can be disabled at
> will for those who don't want to run the risk. To prevent the
> accidental deletion of read-only files for those digikam users who
> never, ever use digikam to delete images, would the digiKam developers
> be willing to add the user option to completely disable the ability to
> delete files using digikam?
> Kind regards,
> Elle Stone
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