[Digikam-users] Images.uniquehash calculation

Marcos Dione mdione at grulic.org.ar
Mon Jun 17 07:56:46 BST 2013

    Disclaimer: probably this is not the right list to ask this. if so,
just let me know. also, I'm not subscribed, so please CC me in the

    I'm trying to write a script that is able to take an image already
in digikam's database and resize it, apply the same tags as the
original, and possibly remove the original. so far the idea is that this
script will be independent of digikam, touching it's database when
needed. so I checked the database structure and it looks ok, except for
the md5sum. I tried to reimplement DImgLoader::uniqueHashV2() in
libs/dimg/loaders/dimgloader.cpp:329, and even reimplementing it in
python with the same libraries (qt4's md5) and copying the algo line by
line, I get different values in the database and with the script. am I
missing something? for omparisson, I attach the script I did.

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