[Digikam-users] Multiuser/nfs

Martin (KDE) kde at fahrendorf.de
Sun Feb 24 13:24:40 GMT 2013

Am 23.02.2013 20:17, schrieb Frank:
> I know this was discussed/mentioned/requested before, but I didn't found
> newer post to that.
> Here is my network setup: debian server (nfs/IMAP/homes), 4 users (me,
> wife, 2 children), several clients, usable by all users.
> I have some groups set up (e.g "users" for me and my wife). All relevant
> data is stored on a nfs share at the server (to make backups easy).

I have this too.

> I understand, that it is now possible to use MySQL instead of SQLite as
> database, which overcomes the nfs-share issues.
> But I didn't understand, if that means I have multiuser support in
> digikam also.

Most liekly not. MySQL is able to handle many users simultaneously, but
I don't know if digikam rereads the DB data every now and then (at least
before write). I doubt that.

> I don't really need full multiuser support on the database side. It
> would be sufficient to prevent digikam to start, when another user is
> accessing the database (e.g. via a starting script, which tells which
> user is accessing the database intead of starting digikam).

You have to write a script that checks a special data flag in the
database, sets it if unset, start digikam and resets it after digikam is
finished. It at start the flag is set a message that digikam is locked
will appear.

But nobody will prevent your user from starting digikam without the script.

Most secure way (at least I do it this way) is to store the data in exiv
section of the photos. As I am the only one who uses raw format for now
this is no real limitation (I don't let digikam write exiv to my raw
photo). And at least my digikam recognises changes on the photos

As I want to be able to use digikam without a net (with my local
collections) I still use sqlite database.


> But I need some help to sort this out, because of rather low level
> skills on the database site.
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