[Digikam-users] Multiuser/nfs

Frank frank at mclien.de
Sat Feb 23 19:17:14 GMT 2013

I know this was discussed/mentioned/requested before, but I didn't found
newer post to that.
Here is my network setup: debian server (nfs/IMAP/homes), 4 users (me,
wife, 2 children), several clients, usable by all users.
I have some groups set up (e.g "users" for me and my wife). All relevant
data is stored on a nfs share at the server (to make backups easy).

I understand, that it is now possible to use MySQL instead of SQLite as
database, which overcomes the nfs-share issues.
But I didn't understand, if that means I have multiuser support in
digikam also.
I don't really need full multiuser support on the database side. It
would be sufficient to prevent digikam to start, when another user is
accessing the database (e.g. via a starting script, which tells which
user is accessing the database intead of starting digikam).

But I need some help to sort this out, because of rather low level
skills on the database site.

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