[Digikam-users] Metadata and jpg quality?

Kim kim.mills at wightman.ca
Tue Feb 19 21:23:57 GMT 2013

I was wondering if adding metadata or updating metadata to jpg files in 
Digikam has any effect on the image quality?
I've read many times that resaving a jpg image recompresses the image 
and so it loses quality.  Because of this I normally only edit copies 
and so I love digikam how saves in versions.
I was watching a webinar today on the topic of metadata and the person 
said that adding/editing metadata did have an effect on jpg quality.  
When I tried a websearch I couldn't find a straight answer, but it 
seemed to depend on what TOOL you used to do the editing as to whether 
it had any effect on the jpg quality or not.

The main reason I'm wondering is I work with a lot of heirloom family 
photos.  I do only edit copies, but I would love to have the originals 
tagged and info added to the captions/description.  This would help in 
keeping track of the photos.


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