[Digikam-users] What is being/will be done about the tags management problem?

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Tue Feb 19 16:14:30 GMT 2013

Le 19/02/2013 16:00, Jean-François Rabasse a écrit :

> a few comments about this problem which is - as Marie-Noëlle said -
> reccurent on this list.

very good work, thanks

> I don't see very well in which use cases this merging is useful,

anyway, there are two ways of solving this issue, one easy, the other 
difficult :-)

* easy mode: when allowing write metadata to images, ask for an option: 
image metadata replace database metadata ("priority to the image 
metadata") or database metadata replace image metadata ("priority to the 
database metadata"). The rationale is that an image can be changed from 
the operating system (think at the reloading of backup).

* difficult mode: merge the metadata in the two ways, but then I not 
even imagine how one can sort the thing

anyway at the end the metadata should be the same everywhere!!

we could also have two more options:

* read meta data from image, write to database
* read meta data from database, write to image



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