[Digikam-users] some questions about digikam metadata, DB and simultaneous use

M. Fioretti mfioretti at nexaima.net
Mon Feb 18 12:02:44 GMT 2013


thanks for your answer. I must really leave in 30 seconds, but here's
one question to keep the discussion going, I'll read the whole message
again and send a more detailed reply later if needed.

On Mon, Feb 18, 2013 13:47:57 PM +0200, Willem Ferguson wrote:

> present. In general, when a database is used by a user, it is locked
> for other users. This is very important to avoid corruption of the
> data in the database.

I know. My questions at this point are:

1) would it work with digiKam as is today, if the two users were
working side by sidem, that is aware of what they are doing, paying
close attention to NEVER touch the same folder, never mind picture, at
the same time? Yes, I'll test it myself anyway, but any feedback is

2) real question: the mysql database is one, but technically I could:

   a) set only one MYSQL user for it, and have both the two linux
   users use its name and password in their digikam/mysql
   configuration, or

   b) set TWO separate MySql users, one per Linux/digiKam user with
   full access to the same digikam mysql database,

with the current digiKam (say version 2.9 or later) would the two
cases above behave differently?

Thanks and Later,

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