[Digikam-users] again on: DB and simultaneous use

M. Fioretti mfioretti at nexaima.net
Mon Feb 18 10:28:25 GMT 2013

On Sat, Feb 16, 2013 12:24:33 PM +0100, Marco Fioretti wrote:

>    user A and user B have two Linux computers, with the same version
>    of digikam, on the same LAN. The pictures are on a NFS shared
>    folder, say /pictures, and their two copies of digikam both point
>    to the same database (which with such a setup could ONLY be mysql,
>    right?).

still thinking to this, I realized that users may also want to have
**private** albums, not just the common one:

as far as picture storage is concerned, this is no problem:

chmod 700 user_1 /pictures/private_pics_of_user_1
chmod 700 user_2 /pictures/private_pics_of_user_2
chmod 770 user_1 /common_pics_of_user_1_and_user_2

where user_1 and user_2 both belong to the digikam_users_group

The problem, of course, is with the database.

I know how to set up digikam for the two users to point to the same
MySql database. The point is, is it possible to set that up that
database so that, when accessed as user 2, does not show anything
about private_pics_of_user_1 and vice versa?


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