[Digikam-users] Digikam XMP schema ?

Marie-Noëlle Augendre mnaugendre at gmail.com
Sun Feb 17 11:41:41 GMT 2013

Thanks for the detailed procedure: it might be handy, especially as it can
be used as often as necessary.


2013/2/17 Jean-François Rabasse <jean-francois.rabasse at wanadoo.fr>

> Not to be nervous, I took the habit to do that on a copy of database,
> and I/O access to the SQLite file can be enhanced when using a ramdisk.
> Linux supports that very well, so :
>  - backup /.../digikam4.db to ... digikam3.db.backup
>  - copy the file to ramdisk, /dev/shm/digikam4.db
>  - start DK with option : --database-directory /dev/shm
>  - work...
>  - when all is ok, satisfying results, no corruptions, no crashes, copy
>    the ramdisk file back to original place /.../digikam4.db
>    (Before shutting down the computer:-)
> In case of problem, just forget, nothing is lost.
> Regards,
> Jean-François


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