[Digikam-users] Transferring images with XMP sidecar files / GIMP Warning

Peter Albrecht peter at crazymonkeys.de
Mon Feb 4 18:44:24 GMT 2013

> On Sun, 3 Feb 2013, Peter Albrecht wrote:
>> thanks for the warning!
>> (Gentoo stable GIMP is currently 2.6.12 ; )
> (Version 2.8.2 is great, the 2.8.0 coming with my OpenSuse
> 12.2 is buggy, I've recompiled 2.8.2 from sources package.)

So I hope, it is an "OpenSuse-Bug". But I keep my eyes open.

>> My workflow (to keep atleast the important metadata):
>>    1. Import JPG to DigiKami
>>    2. Tag / Rate / Assign Caption (-> stored in file and
>> DigiKam DB)
>>    3. Edit with GIMP (tested: explicit Saving without
>> Metadata)
>>    4. all Metadata in the file is gone : (
>>    5. in DigiKam click "Write Metadata to Image"
> Be aware that if you uncheck the « Save metadata », GIMP
> will update
> neither the XMP section nor the Exif section, so you loose all.

I used "Saving without Metadata" just to simulate the buggy
GIMP behaviour. In my real workflow, I keep "Save metadata"

> And probably (or certainly), the safest is to export all and
> archive
> metadata, Exif, XMP et al., along with the image file.
> I use exiftool again :
>  exiftool -X Image-file
> The -X option exports all, JFIF, Exif, XMP, Composite, etc.,
> and even
> non standard XMP schemas (as I use non standard metadata, I
> have personal XMP namespaces) under a XML format.

Thanks for the tip didn't know about the "-X" option.

> I like XML because it's a rock solid data format and I bet
> such files
> will still be useable in 10 or 20 years from now. At least
> it would ever
> be possible to custom any XML parser and recover data.
> This, of course, in case of accident.

This is, way I love XML, too.
But I hope, I never have to recover data with a self
programmed XML parser. ;)


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