[Digikam-users] Transferring images with XMP sidecar files / GIMP Warning

Peter Albrecht peter at crazymonkeys.de
Mon Feb 4 18:35:57 GMT 2013

On 03.02.2013 21:12, Volker Henn wrote:
> Dear Peter, 
> do you really overwrite the original JPG file?

Even worse:
After rating all images, I start a batch job, which resizes
all JPGs with "star rating < 4" to 1500 pixel (at the longer
side) and 85 JPG-quality. This way most fotos do take about
200 KByte on my harddisc. ;)
Since I mostly want to "document" events, this is sufficient
for me.

The images with "rating >= 4", are kept in original size.
But I do brightness/color adjustment and other things on the
original files. So the real original JPG is gone in the end.

Of course I keep a few backups along this process!


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