[Digikam-users] Transferring images with XMP sidecar files / GIMP Warning

Peter Albrecht peter at crazymonkeys.de
Sun Feb 3 19:58:32 GMT 2013

Hello Jean-Fran├žois,

thanks for the warning!
(Gentoo stable GIMP is currently 2.6.12 ;)

My workflow (to keep atleast the important metadata):

  1. Import JPG to DigiKam
  2. Tag / Rate / Assign Caption
    (-> stored in file and DigiKam DB)
  3. Edit with GIMP
    (tested: explicit Saving without Metadata)
  4. all Metadata in the file is gone :(
  5. in DigiKam click "Write Metadata to Image"

This way, at least the metadata (most important to me) is
kept: Tags / Ratings / Captions

But you would loose: Exposure, Focal, Aperture, ...
(Although this data is imported to the DigiKam DB, it seems
to not being written back to the image).

So best way, of course, would be to try not loosing the EXIF
data in the image. ;)

(I use DigiKam 2.9.0 with KDE 4.9.5)


On 03.02.2013 16:19, Jean-Fran├žois Rabasse wrote:
> This is off topic, yes, but I'd like to warn all GIMP users,
> occasionnaly or on a regular basis, that have a recent
> version of
> The Gimp. (And OpenSuse 12.2 comes with a recent version,
> Gimp 2.8.0.)
> Theses versions, 2.8.0 and newer 2.8.2 have a totally
> *broken* XMP
> support.

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