[Digikam-users] "move" sometimes acts like "copy"

Marie-Noëlle Augendre mnaugendre at gmail.com
Sun Dec 15 13:43:17 GMT 2013

Yes, I also had (still have?) the same problem. But like you, I had never
been able to identify some pattern that could be applied to this behaviour.


By the way, I'm also running 3.5.0, but with Fedora 19

2013/12/15 Daniel Bauer <linux at daniel-bauer.com>

> Hello Digikamers
> I have a slightly annoying problem: when I want to move an image from one
> album into another, /sometimes/ it just copies the file instead of moving
> it.
> (using drag and drop: dragging an image-thumbnail to the other folder in
> the album tree and choosing "move" (verschieben) when releasing the mouse
> button.)
> It does not happen all the time, but quite often (lets say every 3rd or
> 4th time). I haven’t found out a systematic reason, and, yes, I am sure I
> have chosen "move" and not "copy"...
> This happens in the actual version, but also happened in the version I had
> before (3.2 ?).
> Anybody has the same problem? Anything I can do about it?
> kind regards
> Daniel

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