[Digikam-users] trashed images remain in file manager

afuller afuller at wefu.org
Fri Dec 13 19:54:10 GMT 2013

I am running DK 2.5.0, on Ubuntu 12.04.

I download pictures from my Canon (a PowerShot SX160 IS) to a file on DK 
called "Unsorted".  Then I modify the images (with image editor, and/or 
rename) and "save changes". I do not keep the originals, and they 
politely disappear from my DK albums.

However, when I use Dolphin file manager (e.g. to transfer files to my 
back up hard drive), there are many images still listed under 
"Unsorted".  They have not been renamed, or modified as far as I can 
see. Can someone help me figure out what's happening?


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