[Digikam-users] Grouping muliple version of same images

Andrew Goodbody elfringham at gmail.com
Fri Aug 30 08:35:20 BST 2013

On 29/08/13 23:50, Eru Steiner wrote:
>> I think you have been misled by the confusing labelling of that
>> button. With the non-destructive editing and versioning enabled you
>> have two choices, Save or Save as new version. When you choose Save,
>> the current state of the image is saved but you can of course go back
>> to previous versions due to the non-destructive editing. But you only
>> see the latest version by default. I think that this is the behaviour
>> that you actually want.
> Yes that's (almost) what I expected, thanks for this explanation (Yes
> this is really misleading to me).
> But I'm still a bit confused and think it is buggy. If I start with
> IMG_xyz.JPG:
> 1st time edit it and use save then I get a new image IMG_xyz_v1.JPG. Now
> I only see the latest version and in the right-side version pane I can
> click the little bullet to also show / hide the original version.
> 2nd time edit and use save. This time it's saved again into
> IMG_xyz_v1.JPG, still on the right hand side I can choose to also show /
> hide the original version
> 3rd time edit and use save as new version. Now I see IMG_xyz_v1.JPG and
> IMG_xyz_v2.JPG. On the right-hand side I can show / hide on of
> IMG_xyz.JPG, but not IMG_xyz_v1.JPG, it is always visible.
> Btw. Under "Configure digikam" / "Editing Images": the two checkboxes
> "always show original images" and "always show intermediate snapshots"
> are both not selected!
> I think this is somehow a bug!?
> Eru

No, not a bug. Using Save as new version creates a new branch in the 
hierarchy tree. You cannot hide the end of a branch. So you now have two 
branches, one ending in v1 and one ending in v2. This is what Save as 
new version does for you. If that is not what you want then do not use 
Save as new version.


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