[Digikam-users] digiKam 2.5.0: missing photos

Aleck Mueller myuller.aleck at ya.ru
Wed Aug 28 05:08:38 BST 2013

В Ср., 28/08/2013 в 02:05 +0200, Marie-Noëlle Augendre пишет:
> There use to be a problem like that sometimes ago: some pictures could
> never be recognized by Digikam whatever you do, and though they were
> perfectly OK with other programs.
> I don't know if the problem still exists, but it was due to wrong
> records left in the database and - at that time - the only possibility
> was to remove them manually, or start with a new DB from scratch. 
> Now there are some maintenance tools included in Digikam interface,
> that might help to fix that issue.
It seems like that.
When I purged digiKam package I deleted files digikam4.db and
thumbnails-digikam.db from the database directory afterwards; it is
strange enough that they were there after purging. Then I installed the
package again and before launching digiKam file digikam4.db had appeared
in the database directory! After launching digiKam the initial setup
assistant did not appeared but a simple setup dialogue window was
appeared instead.

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