[Digikam-users] Differences of behaviour since last upgrade

Marie-Noëlle Augendre mnaugendre at gmail.com
Mon Aug 19 14:36:00 BST 2013

2013/8/19 Gilles Caulier <caulier.gilles at gmail.com>

> I work as you. My startup take few seconds only. I manage around 250Gb of
> photo. it's fast and do not perturb me in my workflow (as main GUI is
> imediatly here and usable as well)...

It still happens quite often that Digikam get stuck, doing I don't know
what in the background, either at launch, or when I modify several pictures
at a time (though I deactivate almost all the 'copy to image' option).
Sometimes, I seem to have no other option than quit.
Yesterday, the launching was going forever, and I realize there was still
another thread running; I had to kill it so Digikam could launch properly
and give me access to the UI.

>> 2) queues of the batch tool manager act somewhat strangely/inconsistently:
>>  - you can have several queues, but when you close the BTM window,
>> elements are not removed from the queues. Consequently, any Ctrl-B will add
>> new elements to a former queue that is not empty, and whose elements have
>> already been treated.
> BQM is not a stand alone window, as Light Table in fact. If you want to
> clean a queue, just delete it from list.

In Lightable (unless the option has been removed?), you can choose to empty
the window when closing. However, the purpose is a bit different:
 - Lightable is used to compare/make a selection: it makes sense to remove
some pictures, add some others till your selection is final
 - in BQM, pictures you put in pictures a queue in order to apply a
specific treatment. Once it is done, I don't see a reason to keep them in
the queue, unless you want to apply another serie of tools. But when you
close the window, that means the treatment is done, and that specific queue
has no more reason to exist.

>>   - when I want to delete already treated elements from a queue, that's
>> Ok for the current queue (the one which tab is opened). But when I want to
>> do the same on other queues, although elements have been treated too, they
>> are considered to not have been and I get a message saying that elements
>> remain that have not been treated yet
> There is a report already in Bugzilla about.


>>   - as far as I understand, the execute button work for all the queues
>> at the same time.
> Not exactly. Queue are processed one by one. items in queue can be
> processedin parallel if right option is checked.

Sorry, this was said from a user point of view: when I click on execute,
all the queues are processed, there is no option to run only the current

>> There is no option to run only the current queue, no way to move an
>> element from a queue to another one...
> It's not yet implemented.
>>  in that way, the ability to manage several queues at the same time is
>> quite limited.
> But may be I don't use these queues as they should be, but I didn't any
>> configuration settings on the matter. Advice on the matter would be
>> appreciated.
> Do you tried to store queue settings in a workflow and apply it to a new
> one ?

In fact, what I'm currently doing is quite simple but time consuming and
need a bit or organization: in order to launch my new online gallery, I'm
preparing all the JPEGs that will be then FTP-exported. For this, I cannot
use the same queue as I won't apply the redimension tool in the same way
for landscapes, portraits or panoramics; I'm not looking for a max
dimension, but for a maximum height. So I need three different queues, with
three different max sizes depending on the picture original format.
But ...
 - if I put pictures in the wrong queue, the resizing is not right
 - if I forget to remove a picture once it is treated, I get two copies of
the same (in the past, it was possible to not create an additional copy,
and cancel the treatment, but it seems this option has disappeared too).

Fortunately, I'm doing the selection on the past 4 shooting years "only",
but that still leaves quite a lot of pictures to review, select and
treat... and quite many mistakes to be made ;-)



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