[Digikam-users] Title visible only under thumbnails

Marie-Noëlle Augendre mnaugendre at gmail.com
Sat Aug 17 15:30:41 BST 2013

2013/8/17 Gilles Caulier <caulier.gilles at gmail.com>

> Titles and captions are taken from DB. I suspect something wrong with your
> DB.

That's possible as I have reorganized all the external drives I use for my
pictures, and Digikam might not find things where they used to be (disks
have been renamed, files have been moved...)

> It's strange to see this usual metadata not available after an
> upgrade. It can be a binary compatibility broken with DB interface.
> This problem is not new and is generally a packaging dysfunction.

My guess would rather go to the big reorganization I've just made on my
HDD. But I'm surprised Digikam could display titles under the thumbnails
and not in the tabs; I thought there were some inconsistency that's why I
question a new Digikam version.

> I'm surprised to see that you use Fedora. It's not the best choice
> about KDE support (and desktop solution). To have tested in my office
> a lots of linux box, Fedora is really the choice to do about desktop.

I don't use (and don't want to) KDE desktop. I've been pretty happy since I
went to Fedora 3 years ago, and I don't intend to change for something else
in the near future.

> I highly recommend to test another distro. My preferred, with an
> excellent KDE support is Mageia (digiKam release packager is a Mageia
> guy). I use it since a very long time now, and i teach Linux
> technologies in a computer science school with Mageia.

I'm nothing near a Linux admin (and I don't intend to be). I like Fedora
very much because it is easy, end-user friendly, reliable and I get plenty
of support, straight from the web or from the french forum where people are
very competent and eager to help.

As for the problem I encounter just now, if you're positive it comes from
the DB, I will have no qualm about getting rid of it and start again with a
fresh DB as soon as the new tags management is released. As it is, I gave
up tags management many months ago (it was a complete mess...) so my
current DB should not contain a lot of very interesting things.



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