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Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at gmail.com
Sun Aug 11 12:11:16 BST 2013

2013/8/11 ultimateclem <ultimateclem at gmail.com>:
> Hi,
> I'm a long term user of digikam, and using it for professional purpose. I
> need to make a new computer. Some of you may help me choosing the mother
> board, the cpu and the ram ?

Definitely, Intel CPU are generally better. It's just my experience,
especially for computation task as with photo.

> I decided to keep hard drives (internal sata, external usb2 and usb3) and

SATA3 (6Gb)

USB3. Forget USB2 now. USB3 is more faster and still compatible with USB2

> video card (MSI GT630 with 4Gb ram) from my old computer and to change the
> box + power, mobo + cpu + ram. I already bought a 480W power supply, and a
> ATX box with extra fans.

Here NVidia with dual DVI (multiscreen here). I drop video card fan
and i installed a dedicated more largest one on the box, to reduce

> System : kubuntu last version, digikam last version, rawtherapee last
> version, gimp 2.8. No 3D, no game, only web and music playing but that does
> not count. About 250€/300$ the kit...

Here Mageia3. The best KDE integration for me.

> What brand of mobo ? Which cpu ? I thought amd FX 8-cores was a good
> compromise, but i'm not sure. What is the difference between 970, 990X and
> 990FX chipsets ?

Here, 8 cores (i7). As i started to plan multicore CPU support
everywhere, when time permits, you can plan at least 4 core as an i5.

Memory : here 16Gb, because i compute a lots of Panorama. I run also
few Virtualbox for compilation stuff. So memory is important.

Generally, i take always intel chipset, not especially the last one,
to be sure that Linux support is optimum.

Storage is very important : I use 3Tb of SATA3 (Western Digital
Green). I had 12Tb in my computer (LVM)

Network is 1Gb with CPL device to have everywhere that i want the home
network. In my garage, i use a 12Tb NAS using Excito B3 device + HDD
RAID extension (WD 3Tb hdd).

I sync NAS with my computer every night for backup. A simple script
using rsync is enough and very powerfull.

> My last computer was a 6Gb ram, and i never ran out of memory. I thing 8Gb
> is ok for this new comp. But dual-channel or not, that is the question...
> Thanks for your advices. Merci Gilles et toute l'équipe pour ce fabuleux
> logiciel !

De rien. et merci....

Gilles Caulier

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