[Digikam-users] setup problems - how to re-run set-up

Myles Parker m1l0_5712 at yahoo.com.au
Sat Aug 3 08:05:16 BST 2013

        I forgot to mention that I had deleted - what I thought was all - Digikam-related folders/files under .kde/share/apps, but I just checked and noticed that there is some Digikam stuff in .kde/share/config, so maybe that was it.

   I had a look in Configuration, but didn't t really see anything that matched up with what I was looking for and I didn't want to fiddle with things that I didn't know anything about. I have just actioned the "Local Collection" > "Add Collection" button on the screen I had from last night and selected my Photos folder on the HDD and Digikam scanned the folders and sub-folders and now the folder tree appears under the My Albums panel in Digikam. I just successfully downloaded my selected photos into my designated folder. 

    So all good!

    Thankyou for your very rapid reply.  

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Le 03/08/2013 07:04, Myles Parker a écrit :

> So what is going on?? And how can I re-run the set-up routine again. I
> read (skimmed) through the user manual to no avail.

digikam is kde app, so the config is somewhere in your ~/.kde4 folder

but why don't you simply go to the config/config digikam menu?


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