[Digikam-users] editing with Color Management enabled is very slow?

Elle Stone l.elle.stone at gmail.com
Thu Apr 25 20:58:22 BST 2013

Regarding the question of how colord-kde works and what it does,
Daniel Nicoletti (the colord-kde developer) looked into the problem
and found that:

>colord-kde was indeed not properly setting the XAtom
>required by Gimp & friends, you can grab git master as the fix
>is there. . . .

No doubt the fix will rapidly pfind its way to the Kubuntu/openSUSE
"playground/experimental" repositories.

Daniel confirmed that colord-kde doesn't do color correction, that's
up to digiKam, Gimp, etc:

>Indeed the color correction is a thing the app itself does
> . . . we just provide which ICC the monitor is using.

Also a correction/addendum to a statement that I made: If you resort
to the command line, xicc can be used to set the x-atom and xcalib can
be used to load the vcgt tag (I've tried xicc, it works; I've never
used xcalib myself). The Argyllcms utility "dispwin" does both; it
sets the X atom and loads the vcgt tag, but probably dispwin can't
handle V4 profiles such as are created with colord (I couldn't get it
to load the colord "edid" monitor profile).

In case anyone is using Gnome desktop, colord does already properly
set the system monitor profile upon startup.


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