[Digikam-users] reuse database on new install?

Peter Mc Donough mcd-mail-lists at gmx.net
Sat Apr 6 20:05:21 BST 2013

Am 06.04.2013 17:50, schrieb Daniel Bauer:
> Can I reuse digikam4.db (70 MB) and thumbnails-digikam.db (1.5 GB) somehow?

I work with opensuse 12.3. Before I upgraded from 12.2 I renamed (not 
only) the "old" digikam db and thumbnail files to something like 
digikam4.db_keep_JJJJMMDD and  thumbnails-digikam.db_keep_JJJJMMDD.
An additional backup copy somewhere is always a good idea.

Then, after having installed the new system, start the "new" digikam, 
take care that its "new" digikam db and thumnail files are at the same 
location as the old ones and all paths to your photos are set as in the 
previous installation.
Leave digikam.

The remaining steps: Copy "new" ones to a suitable name, and copy the 
"old" ones to their original name.
That way you have a backup if something goes wrong.

When you start digikam again, everything should be fine.

In case you you work with Linux, open a console in your home directory, 
from the command line

find -iname *digikam*

will tell you where you all digikam related files are hidden.

With Linux you can often just replace freshly generated files in the 
home directory with the old ones.


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