[Digikam-users] Save advanced slideshow?

Samuel Gilbert samuel.gilbert at usherbrooke.ca
Wed Apr 3 04:48:33 BST 2013


  I want to make a slideshow of about 200 pictures out of over 13000 pictures 
contained in at least 4 different albums.  The order in which I present images 
is important.  Given the amount of work involved in the selection and ordering 
of the pictures, it's clear that I won't be able to do this in just one 

The Advanced slideshow does offer ordering and the ability to add pictures from 
different albums, but I found no way to save the slideshow.  Furthermore, the 
interface is not too convenient.  Why do I have to select files when the main 
DK window presents a nice logical view?

Is there way achieve what I wan to do?



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