[Digikam-users] philip5-kubuntu-backports-precise need an update?

Thorsten Schnebeck thorsten.schnebeck at gmx.net
Wed Sep 19 20:47:50 BST 2012

Hi Philip,

when using your packages for digikam 2.9 on Kubuntu kde ppa 4.9.1 I can not see any album content as the kioslave says:

kioslave: ####### CRASH ###### protocol = kio_digikamdates pid = 20850 signal = 6 QSocketNotifier: Invalid socket 15
and type 'Read', disabling... Cannot mix incompatible Qt library (version 0x40802) with this library (version 0x40801)"

digikam --version
Qt: 4.8.2
KDE: 4.9.1
digiKam: 2.9.0

dpkg -l | grep digikam
ii  digikam                              4:2.9.0-precise~ppa1kde49                          digital photo management application for KDE
ii  digikam-data                         4:2.9.0-precise~ppa1kde49                          digiKam architecture-independant data
ii  libkface-data                        1.0~digikam2.9.0-precise~ppa1kde49                 Data files for libkface
ii  libkface1                            1.0~digikam2.9.0-precise~ppa1kde49                 LibFace wrapper for Qt/C++
ii  libkgeomap-data                      1.0~digikam2.9.0-precise~ppa1kde49                 Data files for libkgeomap
ii  libkgeomap1                          1.0~digikam2.9.0-precise~ppa1kde49                 World-map wrapper to browse and arrange photos over a map
ii  libkvkontakte1                       1.0~digikam2.9.0-precise~ppa1kde49                 vkontakte.ru library
ii  libmediawiki1                        1.0~digikam2.9.0-precise~ppa1kde49                 KDE C++ interface for MediaWiki based web services (runtime)

ii  libqt4-dev                           4:4.8.2+dfsg-2ubuntu1~precise1~ppa1                Qt 4 development files
ii  kdelibs-bin                          4:4.9.1-0ubuntu1~ubuntu12.04.1~ppa1                core executables for KDE Applications



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