[Digikam-users] database on laptop and server/NAS

Ben Staude sben1783 at yahoo.de
Mon Sep 17 22:05:26 BST 2012

Am Mittwoch 12 September 2012 schrieb Manuel Bock:

> My proposal to extend the "Export to .." and "Import from another computer" 
> function to use a side cart for holding the currently missing meta data 
> would leave the conflict resolution transparently with the user and would > 
> help round up  the user experience again:

I reread your current workflow. As far as I understand it, there should not be 
any conflicts as you only import new images from the laptop (taken and edited 
during vacation) into the master DB?


> Would it be a big effort to implement that meta data export/import add-on?

I'm not the one to really judge this. But as long as it's just some sort of 
"advanced import" (see above), I think it's not too much effort.
I'd think of it as "Import subtree from another digikam instance" -> folder 
subtree (@laptop) is added to master collection, metadata is taken from the 
local digikam database. As you only import new images, no synchronisation 
issues. New tags/faces/... appearing in the local DB are created in the master 
as needed.

> Does it make sense to add this to the wish list?

My 2 cents: the wish list is there to add wishes and this is your wish -> go 
for it:) Also it's a good place to collect ideas on how such a feature 
could/should work.

> Is the proposed
> external/internal script a better solution, or is yet another, better
> approach already coming up?

An external script might be "better" as you can write it to perfectly fit your 
personal workflow. In most (all?) other regards, it'd be better to have this 
feature within digikam. For example, when the database schema changes with a 
new version of digikam, your script might stop working, loose data or even 
corrupt your database.

> regards

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