[Digikam-users] Export and versioning

Andreas Weigl kde at silicoids-world.de
Wed Sep 12 04:25:49 BST 2012


I have a couple of questions. I have versioning turned on and also write
Metadata to the sidecar files. I use the digikam version from Philips
kubuntu-backports .

digiKam version 2.9.0
Exiv2 can write to Jp2: Yes
Exiv2 can write to Jpeg: Yes
Exiv2 can write to Pgf: Yes
Exiv2 can write to Png: Yes
Exiv2 can write to Tiff: Yes
Exiv2 supports XMP metadata: Yes
LibCImg: 130
LibClapack: internal library
LibExiv2: 0.22
LibJPEG: 80
LibJasper: 1.900.1
LibKDE: 4.9.00
LibKExiv2: 2.3.0
LibKGeoMap: 2.0.0
LibKdcraw: 2.1.0
LibLCMS: 2020
LibLensFun: external shared library
LibLqr: internal library
LibPGF: 6.12.27 - internal library
LibPNG: 1.2.46
LibQt: 4.8.1
LibRaw: 0.14.7
LibTIFF: LIBTIFF, Version 3.9.5 Copyright (c) 1988-1996 Sam Leffler
Copyright (c) 1991-1996 Silicon Graphics, Inc.
Marble Widget: 0.14.0 (stable release)
Parallelized PGF codec: No
Parallelized demosaicing: Yes
Database backend: QSQLITE
LibGphoto2: 2.4.13
LibKface: 2.0.0
LibKipi: 1.6.0
LibOpenCV: 2.4.2
Libface: 0.2

It seems I can not upload pictures to my facebook account. I selected the
Exprot to Facebook exporter. my web browser opened, I gave it my
credentials, allowed kipi plugins to write to and I got a page with
"Success". But when I click on ok in the dialog that informas me about the
browser, it tells me that the operation failed because it was canceled by
the user. What did I do wrong?

I then tried to export to a folder so I could simply use this folder and
then upload the pictures via the web interface. Unfortunately "Export to
remote computer" exported every version, so I had the original RAW file
plus every saved version. This made me wonder, how do I specify which
version is exported to one of the many available services. I also exported
to my picasaweb and I am not sure if it always used the 'best' version. How
do I specify that? Is there a way to just get the best version of pictures
and export them to a directory?

As a last question, it seems that versioning isn't really available
everywhere. It seems I can't simply create a new version with either the
Batch Raw converter or the Batch Queue Manager. At least not when the
Original is a CR2 file. Is there a solution for that that I miss?

Thanks in advance
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