[Digikam-users] database on laptop and server/NAS

Ben Staude sben1783 at yahoo.de
Mon Sep 10 15:18:20 BST 2012

Am Freitag 07 September 2012 schrieb Manuel Bock:


> Is there a new way or best practice to "export/import to/from another
> digikam instance" that I missed or what other way is the best practice to
> transfer as much information as possible between two different digikam
> databases?

Generally speaking, I think this sort of issues will become more and more 
important for digikam, as images move to NAS devices, people use tablets and 
so on... The setup "one PC, one OS, one HDD" is not the typical one for the 
future. We should plan for an (Android|iOS)-app for use with the digikam 

I use an old version of digikam without any of the features that cause your 
problems, but as long as this is a) stored into the digikam database and b) 
you have unique file names or digikam generates the same uniqueHash for your 
images on the server and the laptop, a sync between the two databases should 
not be too hard to achieve with some script outside digikam (I implemented the 
DB schema (or part of it?) in perl with DBIx::Class in the past), or (of 
course preferable) from within digikam.
With the caveats you always have with such a sync (tagXY assigned on laptop, 
but not on server -> assign tag also on server, or did you delete it on server 
and want it to be deleted on laptop as well?)

For the uniqueHash it might not be a good idea to write metadata into the 
images, but this depends on how this hash is generated. Anybody knows?


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