[Digikam-users] Sony A65 raw white balance

Kelvin Gardiner code at mbmn.net
Wed Sep 5 19:56:59 BST 2012


I'm having a problem with white balance when opening my raw images and 
I'm hoping someone might be able to give me some advice.

I have tried open a raw (Sony arw) image from my Sony slt-a65 with 
Digikam. When I import the file the image has incorrect colour which 
looks like incorrect white balance. I have taken an image with the white 
balance set to Incandescent to give a deliberate blue tint when taking a 
picture outside in normal light. If I open this in Digikam I see no blue 
tint on the image as on the embedded jpeg shown in the screen of the 

I have converted the raw file using Adobe dng converter to a dng file, 
if I open this in Digikam I get the blue tint. I also get correct 
results if I convert the raw to jpeg using the software that came with 
the camera.

I think the problem is that Digikam or LibRaw is not reading white 
balance from the raw file correctly. My camera is in the list of 
supported cameras for LibRaw.

Any ideas on what is might be wrong.

Kelvin Gardiner

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