[Digikam-users] Deleting RAW files

Anders Lund anders at alweb.dk
Sun Oct 28 21:39:31 GMT 2012

S√łndag den 28. oktober 2012 15:28:08 skrev Ozzy:
> I usually take pictures in both .jpg and RAW (.cr2 in my case).
> Then I go over the jpg's and delete the "orphan" RAW files.... manually.
> Is there a better, faster, way to do this?

Inside digikam, you can flag files, for example with a red flag, and then use 
a filter to display only those files, hit ctrl + a, [shift +] del.

Personally, I shoot only RAW, and use the album view for the highlevel 
screening as you call it, sometimes along with the lighttable.

> I basically do the high level screening using gnome, not inside digiKam.
> Thanks.
> Oz.

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