[Digikam-users] optimizing workflow: display map & description in right panel + shortcuts

Julien T julien.t43 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 20 20:35:03 BST 2012


when doing the legend of my pictures, I like to take a look at where
the photo was taken if gps coordinates are present.
Normally, I browse my folder in full screen, but
1- in full screen mode, some shortcuts are not working (like export to
2- there is no keyboard shortcuts to make appear/disappear right panel
(for now, ask context menu > Add tags > more)
3- there is no way (at least seems so) to get the map right panel
visible (so need to get out of full screen mode)
4- as I'm working on a netbook with a small resolution (but the max
possible, which is 1024x600), digikam can't display both left and
right panel well (the window is automatically expanded at higher size
which of course is not visible on screen => have to close left panel
and sometimes ask for resize window to see full right panel; left
panel seems to have a mandatory minimal size which is a bit too much
for a netbook - maybe change it if resolution less than x)
5- click on geolocation map, and next switch to picture legend/tags
panel to add title/description

So any ways to improve this ? shortcuts or options ?

Thanks a lot.


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