[Digikam-users] raw file developing problem with digikam 3.0.0-beta2

Robert Zeller robert.zeller at robert-zeller.org
Tue Oct 16 10:00:19 BST 2012

I encountered a strange problem  developing a Nikon raw file with 
digikam 3.0.0-beta2 which did not occur under digikam 2.9:

Under digikam 3.0.0-beta2 (latest version from git) a pattern of a faint 
rectangular lattice of fine lines occurs over the entire .JPG that was 
produced from the .NEF file. This does not happen when using digikam 
2.9, nor do I see this pattern when developing the raw file by 
rawtherapee or darktable.

You may view the results by downloading the original NEF and the JPGs 
produced by digikam 2.9 and digikam 3.0.0-beta2 from the following website:

raw-file: www.robert-zeller.org/transfer/DSC0607.NEF
JPG digikam 2.9 : www.robert-zeller.org/DSC0607_v2-digikam_2.9.JPG
JPG digikam 3.0.0-beta2: 

Since the web-page is not open for directory search you have to specify 
the full urls when using wget for download.
Caution: the files are huge since they were taken with a NIKON D800 
which has a 36 Mpix sensor.

I used the same settings in digikam 2.9 and 3.0.0 when developing the raw.
I am wondering what the reason may be for this unacceptable result in 


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