[Digikam-users] unable to modify file timestamp

Balint Rozsa ezbalintcime at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 15 16:33:33 BST 2012

I do the "love the program" thing after the actual question.

For some reason I am unable to modify the timestamp of the pictures, according to the Exif data.

I did some editing on the pics and they are of course saved as files having the new "last modified" date, but Id like them having the original date.

I try to use the Adjust time & date function in the Image menu, but without explanation it doesnt do the trick for me, just tels: "Failed to update file timestamp"

I set the "timestamp used" to "Exif: created" and the "timestamp updated" to "file last modified". It does work the way backwards, but not like this.

I have Ubuntu 12.04 and digikam 2.8.

Can anyone help me with this, because I just love this app. And Im really greatfull to the developper team. Thanks a lot.

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