[Digikam-users] Digikam 2.9: Save image comments to file

Markus Ebert strohhirn at gmx.de
Wed Oct 10 19:48:45 BST 2012


After tagging and commenting my photos and trying to share them with 
others (windows users), I found out that digikam did not actually save 
my comments to the files, neither to the jpg nor to xmp.
I crosschecked by using exiftool and even deleting the database-file: 
digikam was able to restore the tags, but not the comments.
All options in "Write this information to the Metadata" are set, I also 
checked the digikamrc (see below).

I am using digikam 2.9 on a SUSE 12.2 running KDE 4.9.2.

Apart from the problem above, what is your opinion on how to organize 
photos on multiple platforms?

Kind regards

Contents of digikamrc:
[Metadata Settings]
EXIF Rotate=true
EXIF Set Orientation=true
Metadata Writing Mode=2
Rotate By Internal Flag=true
Rotate By Metadata Flag=true
Rotate Contents Lossless=true
Rotate Contents Lossy=false
Save Color Label=true
Save Date Time=true
Save EXIF Comments=true
Save Pick Label=true
Save Rating=true
Save Tags=true
Save Template=true
Update File Timestamp=false
Use XMP Sidecar For Reading=true
Write RAW Files=false

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