[Digikam-users] panorama tool

Benjamin GIRAULT benjamin.girault at gmail.com
Sun Sep 25 15:59:21 BST 2011

Hi everybody,

2011/9/20 Benjamin GIRAULT <benjamin.girault at gmail.com>:
> The second error is indeed an error on the detected size of the
> images. Gilles gave me some DNGs that had the same issue. The thing is
> that those NEFs files are really devious: in the Exif data, there are
> two references to the width of the image, Exif.Image.ImageWidth whose
> value is 160 (I really don't get that), and Exif.SubImage2.ImageWidth
> whose value is 3040, whereas the actual size of the image is 3039...
> Using exif data is then useless, and since Hugin needs them a copy of
> the data seems to affect the integrity of the exif tags. I may have a
> solution that will try in the next few days. Hopefully it will also
> solve the issue with Gilles' DNGs.

I fixed this bug in the repository. It works with Nikon and Canon RAW
files, and should work with other RAW files. Note that the bug I fixed
only concerns RAW files as input.

Have a nice stitching ;o)


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