[Digikam-users] panorama tool

Benjamin GIRAULT benjamin.girault at gmail.com
Mon Sep 19 23:03:42 BST 2011

Hi Antonio,

2011/9/19 Antonio Trincone <antonio.trincone at gmail.com>:
> After few private mails with Rinus I prepared a zip files with new examples
> for malfunctioning of panorama tool. In this one the program answered with
> error messages which are included in the zip file that can be downloaded
> (ca. 20 Mb) in the link below if you are interested.

There are here two different errors here (which I believe are not bugs
within the plugin, although the plugin could have handled them more

I could not reproduce the first one with the photos you provided, but
I know where it comes from. The issue is basically that the plugin is
not ready to stitch a panorama composed of images taken with different
exposition and produce an HDR. The result is that if there is too much
overlap between two images, then Hugin's tools (that the plugin is
using) detect several expositions and refuse to stitch the images.
This is something I plan to fix in the future.

The second error is indeed an error on the detected size of the
images. Gilles gave me some DNGs that had the same issue. The thing is
that those NEFs files are really devious: in the Exif data, there are
two references to the width of the image, Exif.Image.ImageWidth whose
value is 160 (I really don't get that), and Exif.SubImage2.ImageWidth
whose value is 3040, whereas the actual size of the image is 3039...
Using exif data is then useless, and since Hugin needs them a copy of
the data seems to affect the integrity of the exif tags. I may have a
solution that will try in the next few days. Hopefully it will also
solve the issue with Gilles' DNGs.

Best Regards,

ps.: It looks like you have some dust on your sensor (see the upper
right of the photos).


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