[Digikam-users] "Best" distro, Adobe

Willem Ferguson willemferguson at zoology.up.ac.za
Wed Sep 21 07:16:03 BST 2011


I am waving a white flag. There are many issues. If you think distro's 
are contentious, just consider the issues of Gnome 3 and KDE. I hope you 
perceive we are partners. I have a hangup about always preaching against 
imperialism/provincialism in the Linux world. This comes after seeing so 
much conflict at all levels, even between Redhat and Canonical.

At a different level, I wish to express my sincere appreciation to the 
DigiKam crowd for the amount of time and energy being put into the 
development of this software. It is a role model in collaborative open 
source development.

Kind regards,

On 20/09/2011 16:44, Paul Verizzo wrote:
> Hi, William.  I tried to convey what I meant by "Best."  Rinus "got 
> it."   What I meant was a flawless installation on Virtual Box, for 
> starters.  Then E-Z access to both of my partitions w/o doing cryptic 
> command line things as needed in Ubuntu/Mint/Wubi.  Those two things 
> are pretty objective and quantifiable.  The most subjective is the 
> look and feel, the layout, the ability to intuit what comes next, how 
> to get "there."   So, I'll stand by "best," but I certainly 
> acknowledge that my best may not be other's best.  I was also 
> encouraging users to get out of their comfort zone if they've not 
> tried pclos as it's not one of the big players.
> Another example of a dud distro was kubuntu.  Clun-kee!  No flyout 
> menus, every subcategory required another click, and then the same to 
> back out to the main menu!  Wow.
> Rinus, re Adobe, YES!!!!  Lord, I hate that company's products!  Even 
> the standard PDF reader is bloat ware (I use lightweight, more 
> featured, free Foxit Reader.)  I have never found Photoshop, or for 
> that matter, other programs like their Pagemaker intuitive.  Menu 
> categories, terms. I guess I did not get the Adobe gene.  And now, as 
> evidenced by the Photoshop Elements 8 that came with my big Canon 
> printer, they are in love with hard to read gray fonts on black 
> backgrounds!  One of the BIG reasons I love digiKam!  Easy to read and 
> see things!  Wow, what  a concept. <snark> Adobe is more concerned 
> with being "cool," I guess, than function.  And with every boot of 
> Elements, it wants you to get married, i.e., register. The Organizer 
> has no options about folders.  You do it THEIR way, not yours.  Eff 
> that!   I do NOT understand how Adobe took over the pro graphics 
> marketplace by any objective standard.
> Mi tres centavos.....
> Paul

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