[Digikam-users] "Best" distro, Adobe

Paul Verizzo paulv at paulv.net
Tue Sep 20 15:44:10 BST 2011

Hi, William.  I tried to convey what I meant by "Best."  Rinus "got 
it."   What I meant was a flawless installation on Virtual Box, for 
starters.  Then E-Z access to both of my partitions w/o doing cryptic 
command line things as needed in Ubuntu/Mint/Wubi.  Those two things are 
pretty objective and quantifiable.  The most subjective is the look and 
feel, the layout, the ability to intuit what comes next, how to get 
"there."   So, I'll stand by "best," but I certainly acknowledge that my 
best may not be other's best.  I was also encouraging users to get out 
of their comfort zone if they've not tried pclos as it's not one of the 
big players. 

Another example of a dud distro was kubuntu.  Clun-kee!  No flyout 
menus, every subcategory required another click, and then the same to 
back out to the main menu!  Wow.

Rinus, re Adobe, YES!!!!  Lord, I hate that company's products!  Even 
the standard PDF reader is bloat ware (I use lightweight, more featured, 
free Foxit Reader.)  I have never found Photoshop, or for that matter, 
other programs like their Pagemaker intuitive.  Menu categories, terms. 
I guess I did not get the Adobe gene.  And now, as evidenced by the 
Photoshop Elements 8 that came with my big Canon printer, they are in 
love with hard to read gray fonts on black backgrounds!  One of the BIG 
reasons I love digiKam!  Easy to read and see things!  Wow, what  a 
concept.  <snark> Adobe is more concerned with being "cool," I guess, 
than function.  And with every boot of Elements, it wants you to get 
married, i.e., register. The Organizer has no options about folders.  
You do it THEIR way, not yours.  Eff that!   I do NOT understand how 
Adobe took over the pro graphics marketplace by any objective standard. 

Mi tres centavos.....

> Hi Paul,
> There is probably no 'best OS'. People use different OSs for different 
> reasons. Individuals coming from a Windows environment wish to have a 
> similar OS in Linux. They expect LibreOffice to work just as MS Word (Is 
> that not an arrogant assumption? Similar applications in different OSs 
> often have different approaches towards achieving the same thing with 
> your data or documents). Linux is strong because it gives different 
> things to individuals with different needs. For GUI-bound individuals, 
> Ubuntu and derivatives (e.g. Kubuntu, Mint) have found common 
> acceptance. For more technically minded persons, the above may not 
> appear optimal and they would choose another Linux variant. The Linux 
> community graphically showcases the degree of flexibility in using 
> computers that the 'large' OSs like Windows and OS/X cannot even get 
> near to. If PCLOS is best for your purpose, great. Keep your mind open 
> to the broader open source community. Do not become involved in turf 
> wars about what is the 'best' OS. We are all working together to make 
> Linux and reliable open source software available for as many users as 
> possible.
> Kind regards,
> willem ferguson
> Hi Willem,
> The man is just giving some opinion in his own particular way. Notthing 
> wrong with that. See how much attention he attracts. I love it!
> Digikam is the best, sorry adobe.
> Best
> Rinus

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